Gaming and Bipolar Disorder

Everyone has had a different experience with the hobby and my experience is seen through my Bipolar Disorder.

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Merchants and Marauders

You can be a pirate and pillage other ships, including your fellow players’. You can be a merchant and go from port to port buying and selling goods. Or you can combine the two in a fantastic tale where the merchant becomes a pirate lord.

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Takenoko Review

The Emporer of China, in gratitude for a commercial alliance, has gifted the Emporer of Japan a panda. The panda is released into the royal garden. The gardener is frustrated that he now has to grow bamboo to feed the panda. He is enraged that the panda keeps eating the bamboo as he plants it!

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Five Tribes Review

This is a new game for me. We bought it last week and, while I’d heard great things about it, I’d never played it before. Turns out it’s great with two players. I still need to try with more but I’m just so excited by it I had to write the review now. As my […]

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Posting Guilt

I feel so guilty for not posting in so long. I’ve been feeling kinda down. I don’t think it’s full blown depression yet and I’m still having hypomanic attacks. I think I’m going through what they call a mixed episode.

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