Tokaido Review

Raise your hand if you know what the Tokaido road is. A couple of you, that’s good. But there were a few who didn’t know so I’ll explain.

Tokaido is an extremely important, ancient Japanese road that connects Kyoto to Tokyo.  It used to be the way to get from one of these cities to another (or anywhere in between). Now it’s a little bit of a tourist trap.

In the game Tokaido you are a tourist traveling along this ancient road. What’s the point of the game?  To have the best vacation of course!

You play by landing your meeple on the space with the action you want. Unless you’re playing with four or five people, only one person may be on each space at a time.

The spaces let you buy souvenirs, put coins in the temple, make friends, paint panoramas, go to hot springs, and get more coins. The final space of each leg is an inn where you pay for and eat a meal. Each of these things gets you points. Most of them get you more points if you have more of the items. There are even bonuses for having the most of each thing (or finishing a panorama first). This mechanic is called set collection.

The theme of this game is so relaxing. There aren’t a lot of games with that aspect. Even with the relaxation it’s still competitive. There is one mechanic that adds the competitiveness more than the rest of the game and it’s movement.

The person who is farthest behind goes first. That could even mean more than one turn in a row. It also sets up a little mind puzzle where you have to decide if you go farther and jump on the action you want but also give your opponent an extra turn OR if you take the closer action and hope your opponent doesn’t want the same thing as you.

This game can be fun or it can be boring. It kind of depends who, and how many people, you play with. I would not recomend two or three. But it is an excellent game to play with someone who is new to board gaming as it’s very simple. My 5 year old loves this game.

The expansion makes it more interesting, though it’s been a long time since I’ve played it. I do remember it messes with the temple space. The Collector’s Edition comes with metal coins, cool looking figures instead of meeples, a bigger board, and a relaxing sound track.

That’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed my review and know if this is the game for you!

As I’ve said before, don’t be afraid to ask questions!


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