Posting Guilt

I feel so guilty for not posting for almost a week. I’ve been feeling kinda down. I don’t think it’s full blown depression yet and I’m still having hypomanic attacks. I think I’m going through what they call a mixed episode.

People keep asking me how I’m feeling. I honestly just don’t know how to answer. I’m sad. I’m hyper. I’m weepy. My mind is racing. I can’t find anything I’m interested in doing. I can’t stop moving. All I need to do is sit down. No I need to lay down. No I need a nap. But there’s too much to get done! Like what? I don’t know.

Through all of this I have not forgotten about my blog. I haven’t had time. I haven’t been interested in writing. And I feel terrible about that! It’s not just my blog that I write but I have a book I’m working on too. It’s a fantasy book where I’m trying to turn common quest fantasy tropes on their heads. It’s really fun to write. I haven’t wanted to.

I don’t know how better to explain what I’m going through. So when people ask me how I’m feeling I’ve done one of two things: smiled and pretended everything’s just fine or said “I don’t know.”

So I apologize. I now plan on writing a review for you guys but I’ll put the publish date for tomorrow so I’m not posting twice in one day. Not that that really matters but it makes sense to me. It also gives me a day where I don’t have to feel guilty for not posting!

Till next time!


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