Takenoko Event

So on Tuesday my local board game store hosted an event for the game Takenoko. Lots of people were there to play the game and win prizes, including a copy of the game. Prizes included clear irrigation sticks (that look more like water than the wooden ones that came with the game), differently colored panda and gardener, and bags to put the bamboo in.

Everyone got a set of the plastic irrigation sticks. I won the differently colored figures (good thing too cause my gardeners head is glued back on). And it was through the kindness of a fellow gamer, who doesn’t own the game, that I got the bamboo bags. 

Something else really cool I got to do was play the collector’s edition: a giant version of the game. 

This is our completed board at the end of the game. There were others playing the original game and yet others playing with the expantion Chibis. 

Here’s the thing. It was fun! But I almost didn’t go. I had been planning to go for a couple weeks. It was on the calendar. My husband was going to be home early so I could be there on time. But I’ve been depressed. I didn’t want to leave the house. I ended up leaving the event early because almost everyone else had left and I just wanted to be home. 

I’m so glad I went! My guilt of my husband coming home early convinced me to go. Also he came home and immediately said goodbye cause he knew I was leaving. I even tried to procrastinate a little but he got me out the door without even realizing (or at least ever mentiononing that he knew) something was wrong. 

I do plan on reviewing Takenoko next. Should be tomorrow. So stay tuned!


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